Knives Lipstick and Liberty

Knives Lipstick and Liberty
Knives Lipstick and Liberty
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So here I sit, five years after moving to New Hampshire with a simple plan to live in a state where liberty still exists and to raise my son in a better environment.  It seemed like a simple plan at the time, a good move to make.  So how did I end up a New Hampshire state representative, the national director of legislative affairs for the Second Amendment Sisters, and heavily involved with so many organizations?  Good question, and one that not one person who knew me before the move would have ever seen coming, and yes, that includes me.


“Not only is Jenn Coffey an inspiration for her many New Hampshire constituents, but she has won over scores of knife enthusiasts worldwide for her efforts in championing the idea that their right to own and carry their knives when they want to and where they want to is their inalienable right. In my business, it doesn’t get much better than that.” - Steve Shackleford, Editor, BLADE MAGAZINE


A portion of the proceeds goes to Camp Constitution to pay for children’s scholarships to attend summer camp. For more information visit:

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